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I’ve been a professional chef for over 20 years. For all of those years and more, I’ve also been a spiritual seeker. Those who know me well, know this about me. But I’ve hesitated to fully merge these two aspects of myself in my professional work because I knew that people interested in my chef services were not necessarily interested in my spiritual insights…so I kept those on the back burner.

Once a month, however, I offered a glimpse of my two passions to my subscribers through my Notes from the Chef - a series of writings first introduced in 1995 to my restaurant patrons in a “note” inserted into my menu. I felt my customers should know something about the mindset of the person creating their food. I knew my love (or lack of it) was infused into what I cooked and they ate, so they deserved to know what I was thinking and feeling. ¬†Notes from the Chef was my way of staying connected even before there was an online. It continues to this day on my chef website, chefsilvia.com.

It gives me great pleasure to finally Рafter all these years Р come out of the spiritual closet or in my case, the backburner, and share what I have learned based on the teachings of A Course In Miracles and other teachings that have shaped my life and I hope will enrich yours.

It’s been simmering for a long time. It’s potent stuff…but oh so sweet and guaranteed to provide a lifetime of divine, sacred nourishment for me, and any who may want a helping of this sacred soup of life we all share.

Break bread with me!

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    2 thoughts on “About Chef Silvia

    1. Oh, Silvia! I love your notes. And your recipes. And just everything about you. Congratulations on your “coming out”, I can’t wait to hear more from you. To sustenance and miracles!

      1. Nathalie, yes I’ve come out! Thank you for your continuous encouragement and being a witness to my journey with your friendship and kind words. Much love to you!

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