Sustenance is defined as something (usually food and drink) that keeps someone or something alive; nourishment.

Therefore…Sacred Sustenance is nourishment (guidance) that comes from a Divine source.

Food and drink feeds our body.

Sacred sustenance nourishes our spirit.

It feeds us clarity of thought when our little old self is out of sorts, upset or simply not at peace…sort of like a clear, light, soup we all share that never runs out.

It always knows what’s good for us. It sees the whole picture, across all time and space instead of just a sliver.  It knows what’s of value and what isn’t.

It guides us home as we stumble to awaken from our slumber.

It promises us perfect happiness.

This blog may not be specifically about food and drink but expect a lot of metaphors with them in mind…and a regular serving of divine dishes. After all, the hero of this dream is a chef.

Lately she’s been remembering more and more about who she really is because she’s been feeding herself a daily diet of this sacred stuff. She remembers always having an appetite for it but usually in small doses…so she’s only had glimpses of it’s revelations.

After immersing herself in the teachings of a big blue book, A Course in Miracleswhich took her years to digest – and influenced how she now understood her earlier learning, she realizes she has access to as much sacred sustenance as she wants (and always did).

Now she’s seeing the world quite differently. It’s as if everything was upside down before, and now it’s turning right side up. Things finally make sense. The truth is simple she finds – It’s peaceful and happy.

And in this awakening state of mind, she’s inspired to share what she sees…both inside and outside the kitchen…Sort of recipes for food and life that can’t be measured, but only applied as inspiration calls.

For a long while, this chef wanted to call her work, “The Inspired Cucina” (the inspired kitchen) but much of what she considered her best work, had nothing to do with food and everything to do with miracles – which is nothing more than a shift in perception. And since miracles were becoming an everyday occurrence…she decided on Miracles and the Chef.

Now she was free to write about nourishment beyond the kitchen and unite her two passions: food on the table and words on a page – in other words…sacred sustenance.

She (really me) invites you to join her on this grand adventure where food and wisdom mix to make a mighty brew.

Simply fill out the form in the sidebar and you’ll be there – in my kitchen and in my heart.

“Chef” Silvia


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    47 thoughts on “About

    1. I have the book ‘A Course in Miracles’, but have not read it yet…Looking forward to reading your posts.

    2. I just joined your other website a week or so ago, I think I found you on Mind Body Green. When I read about your sister website I was intrigued. I am also reading A Course in Miracles, so when I read your post I felt that this was meant to be! I’m looking forward to what’s coming!

      1. Laura that’s so great!I’m looking forward to what’s coming too! I don’t at this point know what that is but I trust I’ll be guided and it’ll be good!!

    3. I’m eager to start reading your new blog. Interested in learning more about course in miracles. Have heard about it for some time, but know nothing.

      1. Hi Sue, I’m so glad you’re here! A Course in Miracles, also known as ACIM or just the Course is a remarkable teaching. They say the Course finds you and not the other way around so I hope this will inspire you to read and study it. But I also must say that it’s not the kind of book you just pick up and read. It would be daunting and frustrating to understand at first so many students pick it up and then let it sit there -sometimes for years.

        So I would encourage you to watch some Youtube videos. David Hoffmeister has a ton but I would highly a book that will help immensely with understanding the Course – The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. Thousands of people who had a hard time understanding the Course (including me) read the Disappearance, then went back to the Course and found they could understand it!

        Hope this helps!

    4. I read Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love a year and a half ago, the book that’s based on the principles of A Course In Miracles. Loved it and have been on an amazing spiritual journey since. Many great books followed. Excited to hear your testimonies and inspirational stories. Thank you for sharing your heart and food :)

      1. That’s the way it works, doesn’t it? Follow the Divine breadcrumbs…Though Marianne doesn’t go all the way with Course teachings (it would be too fearful for her readers) she has brought more students to the course than any other teacher. And she writes so beautifully!

        Writing this has been on the back burner – so to speak – for years and it took getting hit over the head to get me to do so but now I’m ready and so excited to see what comes through. Thank you for commenting and being here. Much love to you!

    5. Chef Silvia, so excited so see your new blog on Spiritual Sustenance! It’s inspiring, and I can tell the channel of source is so clear. Thanks for sharing this latest development on your creative path! Looking forward to more nourishing tidbits on both blogs!

    6. “(sacred sustenance) sees the whole picture, across all time and space instead of just a sliver.” i absolutely love this line, silvia. in my work, i emphasize the integration of one’s self. and metaphorical stories are one of my favorite ways to relate life’s lessons. congratulations on your new website – how exciting!

      1. Thanks April. I can sense from your beautiful poetry that we’re kindred spirits. Thanks so much for your well wishes and comment.

    7. This is so exciting Silvia! I love the way you’re approaching this! And how you are using the metaphors between the two. It’s true it is all so very connected. Can’t wait to read more from you :)

    8. Having both is much more fulfilling than only one. One without the other isn’t as much fun as having both in your life. I’ve been adding back in spirituality to my life too and wonder why I ever stopped with it.

      1. Absolutely Beth! We need both. So glad you’re adding spirituality back in. The joy and peace is amazing! And it certainly helps us deal with life’s curve balls.

    9. Absolutely beautiful post and a gorgeous website to match…I can’t wait to follow your journey and read more inspirational posts! Congrats on a fabulous creation, Silvia…

      1. Your comment makes me so happy Stacey! My daughter created the beautiful banner. As for the rest…bare bones simplicity. I suppose it goes to show that a website doesn’t have to be fancy!!

    10. Silvia! I am so excited for you and for all of us to be able to be a part of this deeper journey of nourishment with you. I can’t wait to learn more and get your perspective on ACIM. You are always so insightful and full of nuggets of wisdom. I have a feeling this is going to take it to a whole other level. xo

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    12. I was so happy to discover your new site tonight. It is a very special contact after so many years. I look forward to all Silvias life as well as food ideas

    13. Hi Silvia, Merry Christmas…..I hope you remember me, a blast from the past!
      Wishing you and your great family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

      Congrats on your new blog and on your new journey, may you find each other and
      treat each other well.
      Warmly, as always, Carol from Chicaago

      1. Carol, Of course I remember you! My brother John and I were just talking fondly about you recently. Thank you for your warm comment and wishing you and yours many blessings this holiday season and throughout the new year!!!

    14. Hello Silvia,

      I am so excited to participate in your journey. Food for the soul is what all of us need, every day of our lives!!! It nourishes us and makes us strong.

    15. Dearest Silvia , thank you for the invitation to this page ( if I have the terminology correct ) . So blessed to have you in my life ! Much love to you and deep gratitude .

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