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It’s All a Backdrop


Where does Spirit find us?

Wherever we are!

For me it often finds me in the kitchen. Over the years the kitchen has served as an abundant backdrop filled with all kinds of gadgets and functions Spirit could use as metaphors to teach me the calls of my heart.

I didn’t always know when I was being guided. Usually it would dawn on me in a quiet, meditative moment when I’d be stirring a delicate sauce, or late at night when the business of the kitchen was silent  and the chaos was cleared away.

Recently though during a two week stint of cooking in a monastery kitchen, Spirt showed me a clear demonstration of how it works with each of us, using me in my role as the chef directing her staff so they could complete their function – the preparation of a meal for those it’s meant to nourish.

I thought I was just doing what I normally do to get a meal prepared on time…I direct. But in Spirit’s hands, this took on a whole new meaning – though this didn’t dawn on me until later.

As usual, I’d set out to prepare a planned meal and assign specific tasks to each of my helpers. I’d ask them to do something like chop onions or peel potatoes, but not to go any further until they asked me what the next step was. They didn’t as yet know the whole plan for the meal, but I did.

Sometimes though the plan would change and I had to be flexible enough to change with it without getting flustered or upset.  Sometimes I’d plan on using the stovetop and then realize there wasn’t enough room so I’d have to be open to finding another way. Or maybe I didn’t have an ingredient I thought was necessary so I had to substitute another. Plans were often changed in the moment and they  always turned out better than how I first intended them.

My helpers were told not to make any decisions without asking me first. Maybe I wanted to use the onions for soup instead of salad so they’d need to be sautéed; or the potatoes, intended for mashed, now changed to roasted so they had to be cut differently. How could my helpers go to the next step if they didn’t know what anything was for?

And then it dawned on me, “OMG, this is exactly how Spirit directs us!” It tells us:

Make no decisions by yourself. Ask me first.

You can’t see the whole picture, but I can.

You don’t know what anything is for, but I do.

Let Me direct you.

Seeing the practicality of this guidance in the kitchen, I could see so clearly how this was a perfect backdrop for how Spirit guides us in life.

How simple it is when we let ourselves be guided…don’t you think?

How does Spirit guide you? What backdrop does it use? Where does it find you?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time, many blessings,



 Photo Credit: Home on the Range Interiors