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What Does Age Have To Do With It?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA There are times when I feel as if my life is just beginning – which is kind of weird, since I’m 62. But somehow that doesn’t seem to matter. In fact I’ve never felt “my age”. I know a lot of you don’t either. I don’t know if this tendency not to buy into what a particular age should or shouldn’t feel and look like is the reason why I look and feel so much younger.  All I know is that age, or my concept of age, is always changing. I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

Whether we’re 30. 40. 50 and so on, it never feels like what we thought it would feel like to be the age we are.  I like to think that’s because – even if we don’t know it – the Spirit in us uses our concepts of age to correct our misperceptions of age – because It never ages – and the Spirit uses moments such as this – when life feels new “at my age” –  to prove it; to unwind us from the concept of age; to help us feel and embrace agelessness.

On the one hand I can look back on “my life” with much life experience to draw from, yet at the same time see it as…not mine…not me.  It’s like a personal movie script I can review and learn from, yet remain detached from. When I experience a sense of agelessness, I can see what happened before, but not feel identified with it. I can detach from believing that what came before is a determinant of what happens next. I’m not even concerned about what happens next.  I’m having too much fun enjoying what’s happening now. I can be open to spontaneity.

In these moments of clarity, I know all is perfect and if there’s something that needs to be thought about, It’ll be given. God’s got my back and I feel safe and happy and at peace. That’s when I know I’m seeing with True vision; with Christ vision.  And that’s a miracle. And sometimes a miracle is as simple as this…as expressed in this recent post on my Miracles and the Chef Facebook page.

Have you ever felt down in the

The miracle is a moment to moment decision when we choose to listen to the voice of Love instead of the voice of the ego. When I feel young at heart…I feel the infinite possibility I felt when I was young and the future held so much promise. And this too is a miracle.

When I feel miracle minded, I can look beyond appearances, whatever they may be, and be at peace, knowing that life is unfolding perfectly, exactly as it’s meant to. I feel my life is a miracle.

I can’t help but wonder if this experience of ageless wonder is what the Course points to when it says we are “not the dreamer, but the DREAM? (T. 27.4)

I wonder if the one who sees “my past” is not the me who has a past at all? In moments like this of, of perfect clarity, all I can do is feel it. It’s only now, as I sit to write about it, that I attempt to put to words, what can only really be experienced.

This Easter weekend I want for you many experiences of miracles, moments of perfect clarity and ageless resurrection. Silvia