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Waking Up Watching Movies


Recently I watched the movie “The Yes Man” with Jim Carrey.  His character, a guy whose default was to say NO to most things, choosing to spend his life at the same job or at home numbed out watching a movie until he went to a YES seminar where he promised to say yes to everything! Though far-fetched and over the top (which JC does brilliantly) it triggered me to look at where I default to NO in my life. I said Yes to being in a friendly chef competition…something I never would have done before.

To make it even more powerful, I watched this movie with the brilliantly insightful commentary of John Mark Shroud, downloaded from his website.  He pauses at various times to point out how Spirit sees what is happening on the screen and of course, this gives the story a whole new meaning. This has been a remarkable tool in John Mark’s awakening and he stresses how it can be that for us too.

On this journey of awakening, everything is used by Spirit to teach us the Truth, to help us see things differently. “They are our modern day parables.” says David Hoffmeister who has also been using movies as a pathway to enlightenment at his retreats for many years. He has a book, website and library of movies listed by the issues they address.

In my own life, I’ve been watching movies with Spirit even before I realized that I was doing so. Watching a movie I could clearly see where the character needed to forgive, trust, love; where her feelings of unworthiness were holding her back from truly living; where his attachment to being a success in the world was keeping him from being present with his family; thousands of scenes in which the characters choose fear over love.

With the teachings of John Mark and David, this practice went deeper. I was taught to watch where I judged the rage of a violent man as evil or the promiscuity of a woman as wrong; where I wanted to look away or blame the bad guys; where I reacted emotionally to the story.

Viewed with Spirit, movies are a way to be in and have experiences that we may never (thank God) have in the bigger movie of our lives. Movies allow us to experience the emotions triggered by screen and release the rage, violence, judgement, blame and beliefs that lay unconscious within all of us.

Heck I’ll take Hollywood over Hell any day!

How about you?

What are your favorite movies where you’ve received guidance from Spirit?

Leave a comment below….




Healing as Corrected Perception

If you’ve ever doubted you are truly limitless, this passage from the Course, will put that doubt to rest…LITERALLY!

Healing as corrected perception

“…I would not ask you to do things you cannot do, and it is impossible I can do things you cannot do…” Unless we chose to believe Jesus is lying to us…how can we possibly misinterpret what he’s saying here?

We are truly limitless.

That means we can do anything. Not anything we want (that just keeps us playing ego’s sick game) but anything He asks.

But I don’t hear what He asks, you say, so how can I do what He asks?

Who doesn’t hear?

Only the ego mind doesn’t hear…because it can’t. It’s only the ego mind that wants to do what it wants to do.

It’s like a bratty teenager who tunes out his parents good advice. The teen literally can’t hear the parent and goes off on a destructive path of his own doing that always leads to no good.

So if we want to hear what He asks, and be our unlimited selves we have to be out of our ego mind and in our holy mind we share with Him (Spirit, Higher Self, God, Creator…by any name you wish to use).

That’s why many times when we hear, “You’re out of your mind!” it’s usually something brilliant!

This whole process of healing is done by being out of our EGO mind because that’s the only place where we can tune into Him who asks and knows we have no limits.

How do we get there?

By saying yes to the call of the heart; the call of Spirit; that still small voice of love that asks us to choose it once again. In fact it’s even easier than this. As soon as we ask for Spirit’s help or even think of being with Spirit…we’re there!

Which is why A Course in Miracles, begins by saying…

This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is behind what can be taught. It does aim, however at removing the blocks to  the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natal inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

Summed up as…

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Furthermore we’re told over and over…

We need do nothing.

By saying yes to to call, the pathway, “…the removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence…” is given.

As the blocks come down, our ability to hear goes up. And just like any relationship, our connection gets stronger, while our attachment to the one we’re leaving gets weaker,  like an old lover who once fascinated us until we realize he’s a  phony and can’t be trusted.

Only the ego mind doesn’t trust. Only the ego mind wants what it wants instead of what is given.  This is misperception. This is sickness. And we all know what that looks like: pain, fear, anxiety,  depression, lack, jealousy, guilt and on and on.

Are you ready for a better way?

The way of love earns our trust by showering us with miracles. So trust. Trust that all we need for this journey back to the mind of Love is heavily reinforced by what we really want.

Are you ready for miracles?

PS. I’m teaching here what I need to learn. So my answer is Yes! What’s your answer?







The Valuable and Valueless

Living my life in harmony

Spirit is a master weaver, weaving together fragments of our lives in miraculous and wondrous ways – even when years separate the threads and they seem to have no connection until viewed years later when at last they meet unexpectedly. 

This story spans decades and transforms the tragedy of a fire into a gift, and a long ago forgotten verse, written about a train ride, into a symbol to teach me that age doesn’t affect the knowledge that remains safely sealed within…protected even from the ravages of a fire.

By the time I recognized the connection, more than 30 years have passed and I have a high enough view to see that many patches of experiences stand between them – like the view from the window of a plane at takeoff and landing, when the earth below looks like a patchwork of squares.

I have kept a journal ever since I was a girl. Unfortunately most of my early writings were lost when a fire to my home destroyed half the house, including the whole top floor where my bedroom and my journals were located.

Looking back, I can see that it was a purification of my past, erasing the materials and memories that no longer served me. At first I mourned their passing, not so much the material – for I knew that could be replaced – but my journals were gone forever  except for snippets still alive in my memory. I didn’t yet know that I had lost nothing valuable.

Years after the fire,  after I had been studying A Course in Miracles, read the text and completed the workbook lessons, I began to understand what this passage from the Manual of Teachers meant and could see the experience of the fire as training in the development of trust.

M.1.A copy

The fire removed what was valueless (all of my personal stuff) but didn’t touch what was within me to keep – the glimpses of Truth that has no regard for age or wisdom or time, told in a story, a poem, a dream, written in my mind, to be used as a symbol by Spirit whenever helpful.

One of the writings that stayed with me is a poem I wrote at the age of 21 when I was traveling in Italy from the city of Ravenna on the northern Adriatic coast to visit Florence for the first time. As I sat on the train reading The Agony and the Ecstasy a biographical novel of the life of Michelangelo, my excitement grew as I was anticipating sitting on the same steps of the Duomo where he had had so many mystical discussions with Leonardo da Vinci.

As hard as it was tearing myself from this captivating book, the passing landscape outside the windows of the train, was stronger and soon I became lost in a meditation, lulled by the rhythm of the train. This short poem is the result.


Trains taking me through this land of-2

May you always live in harmony,


And now, over to you. Share your thoughts, experiences and questions in the comments below. As always I love it when you stay engaged.

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