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A Love Story


Where do experiences go after they’re been lived?

Do they simply fade into memories that disappear unless we can remember them? And if so, how do we really know they were real?

The Course in Miracles teaches that all experiences are in the mind – that we simply see them enacted on the screen of life. It goes still further to say that not only are these experiences on the screen, they are like a movie that’s long ago been filmed, done, over with, and we’re simply watching it again. Wow!

As humans we appear to be in the film, reacting to the pains and pleasures of these experiences but the key word here is appear…for we’re not really there. The story is in our mind being projected out.

From this perspective, nothing on the screen can really effect us. They are a bunch of images, strung together to make a story that we experience, as if it were real, and once over, like the end of a movie, it’s gone, and another story begins.

This is a hard truth to swallow because as humans what we experience feels so real – especially while they’re happening. We string them together on the timeline into past and future with the now simply a blip that we ignore – when in Reality all we have is now.

There’s a line in The Horse Whisperer (a book I read recently) where Tom Booker (the main character played by Robert Redford in the movie) recalls the advice given to him by his father.

“I guess that’s what forever is, just one long trail of nows. And I guess all you can do is try and live one now at a time without getting too worked up about the last now or the next now”

Great advice. So what’s the purpose of all these images, these now moments that consistently fade away? Are they random or meaningful? The only meaning is what we give them says the Course. Yet they’re powerful indicators of where we are on our journey for they reflect back to our mind what needs healing. So in this sense, they’re very helpful.

Imagine for a moment if this world were made up of 7 billion minds that saw only images of love. Could there be war, disease, pain, hate, scarcity or any of the projections of fear? A healed mind could not possibly be watching these horror movies. It would view love stories.

For two weeks on a recent trip to Utah, I was in a love story. It was an annual music, film and enlightenment retreat by the Living Miracles Monastery. Each day amongst the mystical mountainous backdrop, 75 or so people laughed, ate and cried, listened to music and watched movies with mighty companions all around reflecting love and acceptance.


At this retreat I was invited to cook 2 meals a day for 11 days! What seemed a daunting task, was instead a seamless and flowing joining of helpers amongst the backdrop of a magical kitchen in which meals were prepared with loving hands on task under my guided direction.


Lack of training, proper equipment or time constraints were no match for this kitchen where regardless of the challenges, everything we needed was always provided. I quickly caught onto the fact that this is what I had come here to experience. That there is in fact no lack, that everything I needed was indeed provided. And…it was provided on the screen of a love story!

How can I not be grateful for such a story!

Now, back at home, as the story returns to a familiar setting, I wonder where the experience goes after it’s over? Can I rewind it? Or do I simply take the love with me and let my mind project a new love story without having to know what comes next or how it ends?

As long as it’s a love story…who cares what it looks like.

And now, over to you. Share your love story or just comment what comes to mind about mine. Love hearing from you so keep the comments coming!!!