Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes


Here’s a lineup of my favorite Thanksgiving sides that I thought I’d round up for you in one post. Not only do they make great sides…but the leftovers make fantastic new dishes.

I realize that right now there are thousands of recipes for Thanksgiving side dishes for you to choose from, and though it’s great to have so many choices, it can be overwhelming. So I decided to focus on the leftovers you’re likely to have.

Here are 10 new dishes. made from 6 of the most popular Thanksgiving sides: potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, wild rice, and of course, the turkey.

Choose what you have leftover. Let my recipes inspire you and know that you can trust them to be delicious. I myself will be making my sausage and fennel stuffing...lots of it because everyone wants leftovers. The rest of the meal will be a communal effort at my brother’s house where we’ll all help cook or bring something to the meal. It’s such fun!

The day after, I’m planning to make my sweet potato soup with sauteed leeks so we’ll have something new while we enjoy the leftovers.

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